Who Inspires You?


Happy Halloween! (for those that celebrate it).

On Halloween this year I attended my former college from Skillful MIND Meditation – Peter’s 50th birthday party – where we were invited to dress in what/who inspires us.

This really tripped me up as I have sooo many people that have inspired me – including Peter.

With much thought, I decided to make a ‘cape’ and write (in crayon) who I’d like to be like when I grow up.

It was fun – and inspiring, to see all those names in one place of people who have inspired me in my life.

From meditation teachers to writing teachers, coaches and yoga teachers, to business mentors – even my cat Kira got a mention as she inspires the ultimate mindfulness practices lol.

Try this…

If you’re ever feeling in need of some inspiration I recommend doing this for fun!

Even if it’s only a page in your notebook – write down all the people that inspire you. Or get creative and grab your crayons or colours.

What a blessing it is to see who and what has inspired you – it may just inspire you all over again!


My ‘cape’ wasn’t very fancy, but it inspired me. And here’s a pic of me and Peter – who (if you can’t guess) dressed as Milerepa (a famous Buddhist who overcame his demons of the mind in a cave of dragons).

Mardi & Peter Halloween

Who inspires you?


In gratitude,

Mardi MAY


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