During sessions I’m often asked, and often suggest, using apps as part of your practice. While we don’t want them to be a crutch, they can be a great way to keep us on task, feel more connected (some have a social element), help us learn new things and help keep us motivated by reminding us (some have built in alarms).

Here’s a few I’ve come across or have been shared with me in class. I’m not affiliated with any of them – and some may be different when you read this, so I can’t ‘vouch’ for them. If you have any you love that you’d like to add please let me know 🙂 Of course there are many apps out there – so do your own search too. The free ones can be good – but can also be a bit ‘buggy’ so it’s sometimes worth paying for them. Just remember to be aware of any recurring subscription fees.

Please note: Prices and inclusions are subject to changes – let me know if you see something wrong 🙂

Insight Timer

Available: Apple/Android

Cost: Free version available + premium from about $5 – $35 for courses

Website: www.insighttimer.com

What’s good about it?: This is the main one I recommend when you’re starting out. It has heaps of free guided meditations, a timer to do your own meditations, and when you’ve finished it shows you who you’ve just been meditating with (if you’re online). You can search for well known meditation teachers like Deepak Chopra, Thich Nhat Hahn, Peter Radcliffe, Davidji and more


Available: Apple/Android

Cost: Free trial available – subscriptions vary

Website: www.calm.com

What’s good about it?: Listed as one of the top meditation and sleep apps with apple. Includes meditations, sleep tools, guided movements and a music section. Includes well known teachers and is very professional.

Various Sleep Apps

Available: Apple/Android

Cost: Free versions available + some paid

-Sleep Easily Free

-Simply Being

-Relax & Rest

What’s good about them?: These were recommended by an attendee at one of the meditation groups as someone mentioned they were having trouble sleeping. Search for them in your app store and check them out 🙂


Available: Apple/Android

Cost: Free trial & some elements – various paid subscriptions

Website: www.headspace.com

What’s good about it?: This app has had a lot of comment in the media and been really popular. I like the little videos I’ve seen in it – including animations which are helpful, and a bit cute. The paid version has a full program to keep you going.

Smiling Mind

Available: Apple/Android

Cost: Free version available

Website: www.smilingmind.com.au

What’s good about it?: This app is Australian, and has some great programs that specialise – including for kids. Has been out for many years, and has a great community feel to it.

Gaia TV

Available: TV streaming/Apple/Android

Cost: Deals available for trials – ongoing subscription currently US$9.95/AU$14.99mth cheaper for yearly subscription

Website: www.gaia.com

What’s good about it?: I love Gaia and have been using it for nearly 3 years. It’s like the ‘Netflix’ of conscious media. There are heaps of yoga classes you can practice (including Kundalini yoga), meditation and health information, as well as truth seeking documentaries and films.

Kundalini Mobile

Available: Apple/Android

Cost: Free trial – then US$9.95/AU$14.99/mth

Website: www.kundalinimobile.com

What’s good about it?: If you love Kundalini this could be worth it as you can customise your kriyas and meditations and stream music. Like having a Kundalini Yoga teacher in your pocket

Kirtan Kriya Timer

Available: Apple

Cost: Free version available + paid version under $5

Website: https://elevate-apps.com/ios-apps/kirtan-kriya-timer/

What’s good about it?: Kirtan Kriya is one of the fundamental meditations in Kundalini Yoga and this app allows to to easily practice with an easy to set timer. I’ve only used the free version and found it great.

Yoga Glo

Available: Online/Apple/Android

Cost: Free trial available – US$18/mth

Website: www.yogaglo.com

What’s good about it?: I only really look for yoga apps and portals that include Kundalini Yoga – and this one does (Kia Miller) – as well as heaps of other styles. I haven’t used this but it looks pretty cool.