Pyjama Yoga Sufi GrindsSufi Grinds

3 Minute Pyjama Yoga


Sufi grinds (or pelvic grinds) are great to gently move your lower back/spine, and gently massage your digestion organs.

  • Get into a comfortable easy pose (cross legged) with hands on your knees
  • Begin drawing circles with your bellybutton in smooth circles in one direction
  • Relax your shoulders, head and neck -Breath is soft and normal
  • When you’re comfortable close your eyes and explore the circular motion from within
  • Continue in one direction for 1-3mins, then inhale to centre, and change directions for 1-3mins

When complete rest for a few moment to pause and notice.


I hope you enjoy this 3 minute pyjama yoga. Feel free to share with anyone who you think might enjoy it 🙂

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