Change your life (for the better)
one morning at a time


What if you spent a few minutes with yourself every morning?

How do you think it would affect your life?

Want to give it a try?

To me SPIRIT Mornings are my time to ‘come home’ to myself. It’s the time of the day where I feel grounded and connected to who I really am, and think about who I want to be. Or sometimes I just sit. However you spend your SPIRIT Mornings I promise you’ll be better for it!

Consider this….


I hope you enjoy.

In gratitude,

Mardi MAY


P.S. When you’re ready here’s 3 ways you can put yourself first and explore your meditation/fulfilment journey with me:
  1. Grab a copy of my book Pyjama Meditation as a great guide to get you started with your at home meditation practice here
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