A Shift In Direction For Mardi MAY…


June 28th 2020

A bit of news… some changes coming

You may have noticed last week I sent out an upcoming events list including a ‘Ask Mardi Tech Help‘ session.

Sound random?

Well, I don’t know about you, but having this crazy lockdown has challenged me to re-assess what I do with my days/life.

Can you relate?

It turns out I LOVE being at home, and working behind a screen, playing with online tech tools, and growing my business online. And other business friends have reached out for tech help, which I love sharing – nearly as much as I love sharing meditation! So the direction of what I offer is shifting…

New Sessions – Tech Help For Building Online Business

Recently I created a new facebook group where I share video tips to help navigate the online business world (like hosting webinars, using email services like MailerLite/Mailchimp, running online events etc.) This is new and evolving, and I’m excited.

If you have a business you’d like to grow online – or are starting a business that requires an online presence, you can request to join here

Weekly Meditation sessions will continue

But don’t worry – meditation sessions will continue online. I believe that meditation is a non-negotiable self care practice and I love sharing it 💜 

Yoga classes finish July 14th

Live yoga weekly classes, however, will discontinue after our upcoming break. Yoga isn’t so easy to film at home, and now that centres are opening back up there will be plenty of options to choose from – and I’ll share some recommendations as my yoga friends return to live classes.  I may still offer some workshops here and there – BUT – if you love the yoga I share stay tuned for…

Pyjama Yogi Video/Audio Library + Online Fulfilment Course – Coming Soon!

With my time at home one of my projects is to compile my online class recordings of yoga and meditation into a ‘watch on demand’ library. Keep an eye on your inbox for launch dates soon 🙂


That’s all for now – and I’d love to see you at an online class, or one of my upcoming special programs or retreats ☺️


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