Introducing Pyjama Meditation

Do you:

  • Struggle with stress and concentration?
  • Find it a challenge to relax?
  • Love your pyjamas?

You’ve no doubt heard that meditation is good for you, but still many of us don’t MAKE time to do it; so often allowing unfulfilling ‘stuff’ to get in the way of enriching our lives with mindful moments.

But you can awaken your body, mind and heart by starting your meditation journey now, and begin improving your peace of mind in as little as five minutes a day.

Pyjama Meditation is a step-by-step guide to simple time-tested meditation and mindfulness practices that you can make part of your everyday routine the easy way – in your PJs!

Are you finally ready to MAKE time for YOU and your wellbeing?

If so, it’s time for Pyjama Meditation!

“Thankyou thankyou Thankyou
I love the way your book is written … so easy to follow and so relaxed and your lessons bring it all to life … thanks for Tuesday night lessons and thanks for your wonderful alive Pyjama meditation book 😘
Meditation Student, Moana, SA

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