Do you give yourself permission to put yourself first?


Over the last few years I’ve worked with many women (who even though many have families that are grown, and many are now retired) struggle to put themselves first.

It seems the natural inclination for many is to put everyone else’s needs above their own, but is this conducive to a fulfilled life?

What if you made the decision to put yourself first?

Even if it was only a few minutes a day, to take some time for self-care, to reflect, and consider what a happy life means for you?

Now, you might be thinking ‘that’s easy for me to say as I don’t have kids, or family, or any major responsibilities apart from me and my cat’.

And I agree – it might be easier for as I have more free time. BUT I still have to make my morning meditation practice a priority – otherwise I’d never get to it either – even without pressing expectations.

I don’t think that self care comes as an inbuilt system for any of us. It’s a choice you make.


So no matter how busy you are, giving yourself permission, to schedule in some self care, can be life changing (for the better).

And how good would it be if your kids or family saw you putting yourself first, and making your own contentment and fulfilment a priority of life?

Could you lead by example to show them, in your small way, that it’s OK to make time to discover a more fulfilling life?

Do you think that would help them, also put themselves first, and create a life they love?

So, my challenge is to put aside some time for you, to make time for your own personal self-care, and explore fulfilment and purpose in your own way.

And make it a priority, even if it’s a few minutes a day, once a week, or even a special little trip that’s just for you.

Could you do it?


In gratitude,

Mardi MAY


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