Praise For Mardi MAY

What Others Are Saying….

For those of you I haven’t met yet you may be keen to hear how other’s have benefited from attending my classes.

A big heartfelt THANK YOU! to my gorgeous attendees below that have offered to share.


I’ve been attending the meditation and mindfulness sessions for 4 months and intend to keep attending regularly. These sessions are well attended, reflecting the welcoming and professional approach of the presenter Mardi. She seeks continual feedback to ensure sessions are relevant and meeting needs and expectations of all the group members. Weekly meeting provide regular contact and support. I credit the sessions with giving me skills and awareness to improve how I deal with daily life challenges and stresses in a supportive and pleasant environment

Woodcroft Meditation class attendee

Have been attending Mardi’s meditation group January – April 2016. Absolutely life altering, Mardi is a wonderful (meditation) coach, who makes everyone feel welcome. Can’t thank her enough for teaching me mindful meditation

Woodcroft Meditation class attendee

I always enjoy meditation with Mardi. She is so informative and introduces us to different meditation styles. I thoroughly enjoy coming every week

Helen, SA

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As you can read, this stuff can literally change your life 🙂

What Others Say About Mardi MAY


I saw Mardi’s meditation classes advertised and it intrigued me – I was looking for meditation on the advice of GP to help with anxiety. I wanted to increase my ability to help calm myself – and meditation is working – not all the time, but more and more.

I now have some insight into my personal behavior patterns, and how to interrupt them for the better.

Cathy, SA



I started attending Mardi’s meditation classes to practice relaxation and to feel less stressed – and I’ve found they’ve done that, and more! I’m now more in the moment and don’t stress too much, I feel at one in myself, and make myself a priority.

I am dealing with cancer and this is the best thing I have done for myself, and my family.

Sue, SA



I’ve attended Meditation & Kundalini Yoga classes with Mardi hoping the classes would help me handle stress better – YES, they’ve done that. Getting rid of the stress has even helped me change my career, and I now teach relaxation classes to help children.

I love the classes!