The hidden messages of water


Have you ever heard of Dr Masaru Emoto?

He was a Japanese business man who turned his attention to incredible studies around the effects that words, thoughts and emotions have on the molecular structure of water.

He discovered (and published through his bestselling book ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’) that human consciousness can change the molecular structure of water. Check out this 6 min video…


This might seem unrelated to meditation, however considering the human body consists of over 70% water – when you meditate with words, thoughts or emotions, you’re literally changing your molecular structure. 

Just consider how powerful that is, and how you might wish to change the direction of your thoughts.

Try this meditation…

  1. Take a few moments to sit, relax and breathe.
  2. When you’re ready, in your mind, think the words ‘thank you’.
  3. Repeat gently over and over – Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  4. Then as you think ‘thank you’ begin to feel the emotion of thankfulness of things in your life you’re grateful for.
  5. Repeat the word/thought and feeling thank you, thank you, thank you….
  6. Be gentle about it – if you get distracted, that’s ok – when you notice simply return to thank you.

When complete sit for a few moments before resuming your day – and consider that you have just altered your molecular structure.


In gratitude,

Mardi MAY


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