Long Slow Deep Breathing

Just 3 minutes will help you relax

Long Slow Deep Breathing

3 Minute Pyjama Yoga


Said to be the ‘king of stress reliever breaths’, this long slow deep breathing is a wonderful way to help you relax more, and stress less.


Whether you practise for  just 3 mins or more you’re sure to gain some benefit from being with your breath consciously in this way.

Written instructions:

  • Get yourself into a comfortable seated meditation position (chair, floor – wherever your comfortable)
  • Place your hands in ‘gyan mudra’  (index finger and thumb to touch) or comfortably on your lap
  • Eyes gently closed – focus attention on the sensations of your breath
  • Begin long slow deep breaths – accessing the 3 chambers of your body – belly, chest, upper chest
  • Breath through your nose if you can manage it. If it’s blocked uses you mouth, but have the intention of breathing through your nose
  • Continue for 3 mins (or more if you’re feeling stressed)
  • To end, allow your breath to return to a soft, natural breath. Pause for a few moments and notice the affects on your body
  • When you’re ready, open your eyes, have a stretch, and continue your day – hopefully feeling a little less stressed 🙂

I hope you enjoy this 3 minute pyjama yoga. Feel free to share with anyone who you think might enjoy it 🙂