Labelling Your Thoughts

“The purpose of labelling is not precision, but clear,
moment-by-moment awareness of your experience.”

Giovanni Dienstmann

When you practice labelling your thoughts in meditation you practice becoming the ‘witness’.

You begin to note (more clearly) what kind of thought you’re having.

By giving thoughts a label you’re becoming the ‘thinker behind the thoughts’ and can help gain clarity – and calm the ‘chaos’.

Try this…


Meditation – Label your thoughts

  • Take a few moments to sit and bring your awareness to your breath for a few minutes
  • When you’re ready, begin recognizing the nature of your thoughts
  • Instead of engaging in your thoughts simply label them: ‘thinking,’ ‘remembering,’ ‘desire,’ ‘judgement,’ ‘frustration,’ ‘pain,’ etc.
  • If nothing comes to mind simply return awareness to your breath
  • When complete reflect for a few minutes before resuming your day


I hope you enjoy.

In gratitude,

Mardi MAY


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