Easy Kundalini Yoga Videos

& Other Resources

Recently an attendee mentioned she’s been looking online for some yoga videos similar to what I share in my yoga classes. And I know from personal experience that a lot of the Kundalini Yoga videos online are energising kriyas – and not the slow easy style we practice in classes.

So while I have plans to eventually do some slow easy yoga videos for you – I don’t have the know how, or equipment to do it justice – yet. So in the meantime here’s some videos I’ve found on You Tube that I hope you enjoy. Some even include chair postures too 🙂

Other Kundalini Yoga resources you might like are:

www.spiritvoyage.com – where you can find lots of gorgeous downloadable music and ebooks that focus on Kundalini Yoga. And if you sign up for their emails they also send you a free song download each week for ‘Gratitude Fridays’.

www.libraryofteachings.com – here you can download printed kriya sheets and listen to lectures from Yogi Bhajan. You will need to enter your email for access.

My favourite kriya with my favourite teacher!

This is an exercise set I share regularly in my classes. It was Navair Singh Khulsa’s VHS video series that I began my Kundalini Yoga journey with many moons ago. I love his easy style, I hope you do too

I love Guru Jagat’s modern yet traditional take on Kundalini Yoga.

This set only has 3 postures and can be done in just a few minutes. It is mostly on your knees – so make sure you modify if needed by sitting cross legged, or finding comfort.

This is totally new for me but love her – and she shows chair modifications in this video.

If you’ve been to my classes you’ll be familiar with many of the postures in this kriya.

Kristen is another instructor I discovered when searching for these videos for you.

This is another kriya I share regularly – and what a beautiful video!