“All communication begins with an intention,

and your intention determines the quality of your life”.

Danielle LaPorte

Why intention and imagination matters (let’s explore some powerful neuroscience!)

  • Activates your RAS (reticular activation system) the part of the brain that is on the lookout for what’s on your mind – intentional or not
  • When you have an intention – or imagine – having a good day, your RAS will look for things to make it so (same goes for a crappy day!)

Consider this….

How to set intentions:

  • Come sitting and relax (great after meditation)
  • Think about the positive outcomes you wish for your day (or beyond)
  • Imagine them in your mind’s eye OR write down an intention eg. ‘Today I attract all good things’
  • Ensure the intention is positive and in the present tense
  • Practice feeling the intention/imagining – the more you believe it is possible the more your mind will seek it out

I hope you enjoy.

In gratitude,

Mardi MAY


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