Heartfelt Thank You

“Your Heartbeat is your life. It is the pulsation of life within you.”

Giovanni Dienstmann

This is an amazing meditation that takes a bit of practise, but can quiet your mind like nothing else I’ve found.

So when you’re ready – put aside 10mins, get comfy and try this…


Heartfelt Thank You Meditation

  • Take a few moments to sit and bring your awareness to your breath for a few minutes – check posture
  • When you’re ready, become quiet and turn your attention within
  • Begin bringing your awareness to your heartbeat in your chest – and feel ‘thank you’ with your pulse
  • You may also like to feel it in your fingertips or feet
  • When complete reflect for a few minutes before resuming your day


I hope you enjoy.

In gratitude,

Mardi MAY


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