Meditation Challenge Simple Blessings

Meditation For Gurprasad

The Art of Receiving

I’m sure you’d agree that the holiday season of Christmas and New Year can be hectic, joyful, fun and stressful – all at the same time! That’s why I like to invite you, and all the people who have been part of my community over the year, to join me for a Meditation Challenge, to ensure you make time for you. Everyday.

Are you in?

The meditation I’ve chosen for this year’s challenge is from Kundalini Yoga and is about the art of receiving blessings. You do not need to have any religious or spiritual background, this meditation is suitable for all. It’s the practice of imagining receiving gifts from ‘above’ – whatever that represents to you. Whether it’s Universal energy, Jesus, Buddha, Light & Love, Angels or Santa – doesn’t matter. It’s simply about the joy of receiving. And takes just 3 minutes.


Whether you commit to just 3 mins or more of this practice, the challenge is to do it everyday. Making a habit of feeling yourself showered by the blessings of ‘heaven’ – health, wealth, happiness – let them fill your heart and soul.

See below for an audio download, plus written instructions.

I’ll be hanging out in the facebook group over the holidays – and I invite you to meet me there and share your progress. And hey, if you miss a day, or two, or a few – that’s OK. But making time regularly is the key to meditation re-firing those neural pathways for more joy. Just do your best with it – and enjoy the practice.

If you’re not a member of my private facebook group you can request to join here


Meditation for Gurprasad (8mins)

To download audio – right click here and ‘save link as’


  • Get yourself into a comfortable seated meditation position (chair, floor – wherever your comfortable)
  • Tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
  • Bring your outer hands together in a bowl shape
  • Eyes 1/10 open looking into the palms – allowed to gently close as you imagine
  • Begin imagining blessings showered down on you from above – Santa (or ?) is showering you with gifts
  • Imagine, visualise, sense that you are receiving blessings. Maybe health, fortune, simple grace, cookies – whatever you like is coming to you from above with love
  • Allow a small smile of thanks
  • Continue for 3mins (or more if you’re feeling strongly)
  • To end, bring your hands to your heart to receive the blessings. Sit in gentle silence.
  • When you’re ready, open your eyes, have a stretch, and continue your day knowing good things are on their way

I hope you enjoy this meditation – and feel free to share with anyone who you think might enjoy it 🙂