Hello Pyjama Yogis 🙂

Did you know that how we perceive the world often comes from the habits and patterns of your mind, and what it’s (maybe unconsciously) looking for?

So if we focus on lack, and what’s missing in life, we see more of that all around us.

But, if we focus on gratitude and appreciate the things that are already there, we feel better.

Do you agree?


Try these gratitude practices:

-Gratitude Meditation (here’s a video practice)

-Gratitude journal (before you go to sleep each night write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for)

-Gratitude touch stone (carry with you a precious stone which you can touch regularly and recoginise something you’re grateful for)

-Gratitude jar (each day add a little note to your jar with something you’re grateful for) Find your gratitude practice and feel good 🙂


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