Supercharge Your Concentration


This is a meditation I came across as a mindfulness exercise for kids – but it’s sooo good for adults too.

This is an ‘active’ meditation – meaning you’re moving as you meditate. The movements aren’t big (tapping your fingertips and counting) but it’s great at keeping your body and mind focussed.

Try this….

1-5, 5-1 Fingers Meditation

  • Take a few moments to sit, breathe and check in with your posture – Legs, back, arms, hands in ‘Prayer’, neck, jaw, eyes
  • When settled bring your awareness to your fingers and tap fingertips together (1=thumb – 5 = little finger)
  • Count along in your mind (1thumb, 2 index, 3 middle, 4 ring, 5 little – then count backwards tapping 5-1)
  • If your mind wanders, that’s ok, just return to your finger counting again from 1
  • When complete reflect for a few moments before resuming your day


I hope you enjoy.

In gratitude,

Mardi MAY


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