The Feeling of Accomplishment

My New Website Is Ready – Yay!

by Mardi Rogers

It’s taken me months but I’m finally happy to share my website – yay! As it grows I hope you find it informative, inspiring, and fun. Over time I’ll be adding and expanding the site – and I’m looking forward to the possibilities – which feel endless and exciting, and I’ll admit – a little scary – with the responsibility, and the action, of putting myself ‘out there.’

And while for me the creation of a website has been my big pet project for the past few months, the beauty of accomplishment is that it doesn’t have to be a ‘big’ thing – sometimes the tiniest actions are the ones that warm our heart the most.


What does accomplishment mean to you?

On completion of my website I took some time to reflect on what accomplishment means to me – where do I see success in my life – and what actions make me feel good. You may like to join me and ask yourself – what does ‘accomplishment’ mean to you?

So often we tend to think that being accomplished means being ‘successful’ in society – which is often portrayed as a set path towards success – get the grades, get the job, get the money, get the girl/boy, get the car, get the house, have the kids, who in turn get the grades, get the job, get the girl/boy, get the money, get the house….. and so it goes on – a never ending cycle of expectation. And if that makes you fulfilled – awesome! But chances are these successes only bring fleeting happiness – and true contentment comes from something deeper.

For example – from a ‘society norm’ financial perspective I couldn’t say that my classes are ‘successful’ but from the reward of sharing knowledge with others, and receiving feedback that people’s lives change and become happier, or less stressed, they’re a huge success for me – and that’s why I keep doing what I’m doing. It brings me a deep sense of joy to know that what I share may help people live better lives – and that’s what we all want, right?

Is there something missing for you?

Unfortunately many of us often feel like something is missing – we feel that we’re ‘failing’. So every now and then it’s good to reflect on our real accomplishments and successes of life, even the small ones. And while, as you may know, I don’t tend to subscribe to society ‘norms,’ when creating this site I often had in the back of my mind that it ‘should’ be more, ‘could’ be better, which of course lead to more pressure to get it ‘perfect’. Sound familiar? Do you often find yourself judging yourself with a less than glowing attitude? Why do we do this to ourselves!?

What I’d really like is to release any stress about my accomplishments, and let my work (and life) grow organically, naturally without the need to force anything. And to find a sense of accomplishment and enjoy the journey – not just seek the end product. Wouldn’t that be nice?


When have you felt a sense of accomplishment?

Some people don’t consider themselves successful – but the truth is there are so many different ways to accomplish the right things for us, and feel successful, without subscribing to what we think others expect of us. You might like to ask:

  •  When have you felt ‘in flow’ or excited about something? Like life was playing out exactly how it is supposed to?
  • What have you done that brought deep contentment to your heart – and maybe even your soul?
  • What things in your life have you been a part of that lead you to a deep sense of joy?

Chances are you’ve accomplished many successes in your life – but never taken the time to be grateful for the experience – as often we feel like it’s/we’re just not good enough.

So, while we can’t expect deep accomplishment to be with us in full swing every day – we can help ourselves by leaning towards a more fulfilled life by recognising where joy flows for us – and allow ourselves to be there more often.

What does accomplishment and real success look like for you?