There are many ways to practice Kundalini yoga – and generally a typical class will include ‘tuning in’ with the Adi Mantra chant (Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo) followed by some breath practice, a ‘kriya’ (which is like a prescribed set of body postures and exercises), deep relaxation, and meditation, ending with a projected healing meditation (May the longtime sun – song).

You’ll usually find a Kundalini Yoga instructor dressed all in white (including a head covering) and they will direct the class but won’t single you out, or move around the room and adjust you into a posture. During class you are encouraged to work with your body’s uniqueness, and make the postures your own, closing your eyes when you’re comfortable with the exercise, and turning your awareness and attention into your body.

For more information about attending a class, see my blog – Kundalini Yoga Practice Guidelines here