End Of Year Gratitude Meditation

With Mardi MAY

As the year comes to a close it’s nice to look back and reflect on all the things that have brought you joy.

Following you’ll find 2 videos, the first is instructions for the meditation. Then I invite you to schedule about 12-15mins (plus extra if you’d like to journal afterwards) to get comfortable and the second video I’ll sit with you, and guide you through a gratitude meditation.

We’ll begin by taking a deep breath, checking your posture, then bringing your attention to your breath, and your heart, and generate a feeling of gratitude, love, appreciation or care.

Then I’ll invite you to explore your life in the last year, seeking and expressing thanks for the places, people and things that have brought you joy.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

If you’d like to practise this meditation on your own you can print out the instruction pdf sheet here:

PRINT Gratitude Meditation with Mardi MAY







In this meditation I included a technique for heart brain coherence from HeartMATH. If you’d like more information about heart brain coherence check out www.heartmath.org

I hope you enjoyed this meditation, and that you have a wonderful transition into the New Year. I look forward to sharing more Meditation and Yoga with you soon – and if you’d like to have this, and other meditations, in a guide for home, check out my book Pyjama Meditation here.

In gratitude,