Because Your Wellbeing Should Be at the Top of Your To Do List

Feeling stressed, tense and overwhelmed doesn’t help you, or your loved ones. Wouldn’t it be nice to increase your peace, and find more fulfilment?

It’s time to make time for YOU.

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Meditation is often referred to as technique to help bring more mindfulness into our lives. Mindfulness is the practice of living in the present moment – where stress can’t flourish!

A typical class may include:

  • Discussion on various aspects and principles of meditation and/or mindfulness
  • Various practices of different styles of meditation/mindfulness
  • Classes are non-religious but may be spiritual in nature
  • Complementary practices and ideas for a healthy life
  • Time for sharing and questions
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The practice of Kundalini Yoga uses posture, breath and meditation to re-balance our systems for more health and vitality.
Mardi MAY classes are done with a relaxation focus

A typical class may include:

  • ‘Tuning in’ with the Adi Mantra chant (Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo)
  • Breath practices & meditaion
  • A ‘kriya’ (which is like a prescribed set of postures and exercises)
  • Deep relaxation
  • End with Longtime Sun song
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1. Decide

To make you a priority
No-one can do this for you

2. Book a class

Commit to your wellbeing
You got this

3. Lock it in

Put it in your calendar &
Thank yourself for choosing you

“I’m passionate about growing a Pyjama Meditation movement – where we can all take more ‘me time’ – and find our own true fulfilment”.

Hi, I’m Mardi MAY

Like you I’ve often struggled with the craziness of life – even with over 15 years of personal yoga practice.

But what I’ve discovered is that the more ‘me time’ I prioritise, the happier I am. So in 2015 I changed direction and began hosting meditation and yoga classes and retreats.

Since then I’ve helped over 200 people relax more and stress less – it’s been amazing to see and hear about the effects that these simple techniques  have. This stuff can literally change your life!

Join me at class or retreat and see how meditation and/or yoga can help you.