Allow me to share a recent reflection with you…


I was sitting after meditation the other day and almost cried.

I was considering how alone I was (except for my cat on my lap), listening to the rain outside, noticing the dark and stormy day, considering the oldness of my home – it’s weather beaten and aged appearance, and noticing how empty my house is.

I’m sure in this situation some might be compelled to tears due to the dark and depressing day, a sense of loneliness, and feel a deep sadness.

Would that be you?


Not so for me.

My tears were compelled by a recognition of abundance.

From my perspective all that might make one person sad, actually brought me feelings of joy and gratitude for what I have in my life.

For me, living alone – almost hermit like since lockdown lol – is a blessing. I have my cat Kirra for love and hugs, but having been single for many years now I don’t suffer from feelings of loneliness and isolation. For me, being alone equals freedom and an abundance of ‘me’ time.

A grey rainy day puts a spring in my step as it’s an excuse to spend more time inside doing things I love.

An empty old, battered home for me doesn’t sper on desires for better newer fixtures, but a freedom and comfort of simple living – and the luxury of having a 4 bedroom home – which means a yoga room and an office just for me. Even if isn’t pretty lol.

My online home business means that I hardly need to leave my home to work (although I do still work a couple of days at the libraries which does force me out of the house!) and for many working from home is a struggle. But I LOVE it 🙂

I’ve often wondered if I SHOULD want to have a better home – have more relationships, get a ‘real’ job, get out an about more – but as I sat I realised that is someone else’s perspective.

How wonderful it is
 to feel blessed with exactly what I have, and who I am. So for me – my tears were joyful of the abundance in my world, a world that others might perceive as lacking.

What is your perspective about your world right now?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this reflection, and until next time, find what brings you joy 💜

In gratitude,



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