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Mardi MAY

For those I haven’t met yet I’m Mardi MAY – (M.editation A.nd Y.oga). Hi!

In my classes and events I love to create a friendly down to earth atmosphere great for beginners, with simple instructions, and I love to share varied techniques to help you on your journey.

I offer easy style Kundalini Yoga classes where I’ll invite you to close your eyes – and really tune in to your own body’s rhythms and limitations.

I also host Meditation & Mindfulness Groups where I’ll invite you to interact – it’s a discussion class with plenty of time to ask questions and share (if you wish).

And be warned: This stuff literally changes your life!

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My Story

Finding Kundalini Yoga

My love of Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) started about 20 years ago with a VHS (showing my age lol) video series by Navair Singh Khulsa. I loved the simplicity of this style of yoga, and the fact that the classes were a lovely lazy way to start the day, usually in my pyjamas, was what drew me to the practice. I’ve always been more inclined towards the slow and easy when it comes to exercise – rather than one to sweat it out with cardio workouts lol.

Mardi May
Mardi MAY Meditation & Mindfulness

Making Meditation Part Of My Life

About 10 years ago a deepening of my Meditation practice began – with a sign up to a Deepak Chopra 21 Day Challenge – and I started to realise that working with the mind, on a daily basis, was complimentary to working with the body with yoga stretches – to bring me more contentment in life.

About 5 years ago I decided it was time to start sharing what I was learning and benefiting from, so I focused my efforts, began working with Peter Radcliffe of Skillful MIND retreats and events, became a certified Meditation Leader, helped create a Meditation Leaders Program, and completed my Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Balwant of Rarest Gem.

My journey has been unexpected, sometimes challenging, has taken dedication and determination but has brought me more contentment in life than I could imagine.

I’m proud to say I’ve now been sharing my love of Meditation and Mindfulness classes since early 2015, and sharing the joy and technology of Kundalini Yoga classes since late 2016. It’s been a true blessing seeing the benefits radiate to attendees.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions, or want to say hi. Simply send me an email to: hello@mardimay.com.au