Make ‘Me Time’ a priority

Join me for online meditation classes, or in person on retreat, and uncover your calm


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Let me share with you how you can relax more and stress less

Tuesdays 7pm (ADL)

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One Day Away Retreat

A fulfilled life doesn’t just happen Take the break you know you need

Sept 20th 2020

9.30am – 4pm BELAIR, SA

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Because Your Wellbeing Should Be at the Top of Your To Do List

Feeling stressed, tense and overwhelmed doesn’t help you, or your loved ones. Wouldn’t it be nice to increase your peace, and find more fulfilment?

It’s time to make time for YOU.

1. Decide

To make you a priority
No-one can do this for you

2. Choose

Your preferred event
What calls you – a class or retreat?

3. Schedule

Put it in your calendar &
Let your new life unfold!

What Others Say About Mardi MAY


I saw Mardi’s meditation classes advertised and it intrigued me – I was looking for meditation on the advice of GP to help with anxiety. I wanted to increase my ability to help calm myself – and meditation is working – not all the time, but more and more.

I now have some insight into my personal behavior patterns, and how to interrupt them for the better.

Cathy, SA



I started attending Mardi’s meditation classes to practice relaxation and to feel less stressed – and I’ve found they’ve done that, and more! I’m now more in the moment and don’t stress too much, I feel at one in myself, and make myself a priority.

I am dealing with cancer and this is the best thing I have done for myself, and my family.

Sue, SA



I’ve attended Meditation & Kundalini Yoga classes with Mardi hoping the classes would help me handle stress better – YES, they’ve done that. Getting rid of the stress has even helped me change my career, and I now teach relaxation classes to help children.

I love the classes!

“I’m passionate about growing a Pyjama Meditation movement – where we can all take more ‘me time’ – and find our own true fulfilment”.

Hi, I’m Mardi MAY

Like you I’ve often struggled with the craziness of life – even with over 15 years of personal yoga practice.

And what I’ve discovered is that the more ‘me time’ I prioritise, the happier I am. So in 2015 I changed direction and began hosting meditation and yoga classes and retreats.

Since then I’ve helped over 200 people relax more and stress less – it’s been amazing to see and hear about the effects that these simple techniques  have. This stuff can literally change your life!

Join me at class or retreat and see how meditation can help you.



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